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Why hire Codam students?

Codam’s educational model creates a more dynamic and effective learning environment that not only strengthens technical skills but also enhances soft skills and prepares graduates for successful careers as software engineers in the industry.

  • Problem Solvers
    Our graduates are self-starting, self-motivated, and trained to learn and deliver on their own. They develop their own solutions by identifying, acquiring, and applying the relevant knowledge without any guidance from staff.

  • Adaptability
    Our graduates can easily adapt and learn new programming languages on their own since C and C++ are the foundation of many modern programming languages. 
  • Team Players
    Our graduates easily integrate into teams and are capable of collaborating, communicating, and tackling complex programming challenges together.

  • Constructive Feedback
    Our graduates can explain complex ideas in a clear and concise manner, provide & receive constructive feedback, and share knowledge gained from their own learning experiences.


Codam’s curriculum prepares the graduates with the right practical knowledge and mindset for the job market. Check out how previous technical supervisors rated the job performance of our graduates.

4.5 / 5
Technical level

4.6 / 5
Mission results

4.8 / 5
Integration in the team

4.6 / 5
Aptitude for professional world

4.7 / 5
Organization & autonomy

4.7 / 5
Overall feeling

Hiring Options

Our students are up for any challenge, and are willing to learn, build and grow with your team!


Looking for someone that is independent, learns quickly and capable of switching from one project to another?

A Codam student intern a self-starter that is capable of learning on their own and working with diverse teams using different modalities.

Codam students spend 2 years learning to learn and developing their abilities to process and digest complex tasks and information.

min €750/month
Average remuneration: 


Looking for someone capable of growing within a role, and helping you realize a complex and multifaceted project from start to finish?

Codam's model of peer-to-peer project based learning empowers our students with the social and administrative skills need to excel in a traineeship.

Our students can understand what needs to be done, and help your team explore new ideas critically.

Indicative Remuneration:
€2700 - €3300/ month


Looking for someone that can help you bring your project to fruition, and be a supportive and productive member of your team?

Any Codam student will quickly grow to become a valuable member of your team. Whether it's a fresh graduate with energy, or a professional with years of expertise, the Codam community has it all.

All our students are capable of adapting to your teams needs, helping bring your long term goals to fruition.

Indicative Remuneration:
€3000 - €5500/ month

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


Don't take our words for granted. Read what previous hiring managers say about our students.

"Interns from Codam are really self-starters! The peer-to-peer methodology helps them to figure out things themselves rather than waiting for others to get them the info" 
 - Head of People at OrderChamp
"Codam students show both technical and self-management skills. The ability of independently working on complex and not fully specified problems has been much appreciated."
 - CTO at Leaning Technologies
The students coming out of the Codam program are some of the most knowledgeable students I have come across, which is a testament to the college itself.
 - Recruiter at Dott
"The code quality and structure of the Codam students was on par with that of senior developers. They could break down the task they were assigned like experienced professionals"
 - Technical Lead at TomTom

Companies That Already Employ Codam Graduates

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Evelien Spil
Head of Digital
Bert Aaltsz
Security Officer & Project Manager
Livit Ottobock Care
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How It Works

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We believe that connecting you to our students allows you to choose the best members of your team, and find those motivated to make meaningful change.

Our Portal Allows You To:

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  • Use your own application and recruitment process to choose the best candidate for your team
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  • Find individuals with modern programming skills and years of domain/industry experience
  • Work with Codam to streamline hiring and development

About Codam

Codam is a tuition-free software engineering educator with a peer-to-peer learning environment that doesn’t involve teachers and lectures. We’re not a traditional university, and we’re not a coding bootcamp. Codam is a foundation that provides software engineering education to anyone that wants to get into tech.

We offer rigorous, industry-leading education modeled after the professional work environment. When you don’t have teachers or professors, students foster their ability to think critically, enhance their ability to problem-solve, and create hands-on fully functional programs.  

Our approach is 100% practice, 100% project based, 100% collaborative and designed to develop the next generation of software engineers.